Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Bag
Sandwich Bag
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Last Updated
06 Apr 2020
Minimum Order
10000 picse

Specification of Sandwich Bag

Sandwich Bag 

Sandwich bag, sandwich sack, Woven laminated bag

Sandwich sack or sandwich bag is paper kraft woven laminated sack, in which 1 side of paper is laminated with woven PE or PP, so this product is known also woven laminated sack , sandwich bag or also noblen.

Sandwich bag commonly used by several company such as animal feed , shrimp feed , plastic resin , chemical companies , flour , mortar , fertilizers , cement and others .

The type of sandwich sack we produce is only sewn type , with or without gusset, with usage of 1 ply of sandwich paper, both with additional of 1 ply kraft paper and 1 ply inner plastic PE or HD

The basic color of sandwich paper is white or brown with available in several color of design.

This sandwich bag usually with capacity of 10 Kgs, 15 Kgs, 20 Kgs, 25 Kgs, 40 Kgs, and 50 Kgs with several size such as 42 ( 49) x 80, 42 ( 49) x 70, 45 x 75, 46 x 12 x 52, 46 x 12 x 54, 43 x 14 x 54, 49 x 12 x 57.

Of course, size and design also be available based on customer request.

System of Order, Time Production and Payment
• Give us the detail of paper sack you need such as size, specification, design and quantity .
• Price quotation we will make after detail of paper sack we have known.
• We are ready to send sample based on request after our quotation is dealt.
• Please issue your Purchase Order by email or fax after having test our sample.
• Time production of paper Sack is about plus minus 3 weeks after purchasing.
• Payment negotiation

We guarantee the quality of our paper sack product, competitive price, fast delivery and friendly service..

Do not waste your valuable time, use our products at soon , your satisfaction is our focus of business.

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