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Standing Pouch
Standing Pouch
Standing Pouch
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IDR 20000000.00

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Plastic clipStand Up Pouch or Stand Up Pouch is a package to package food or organic products that have food grade qualifications.The raw material itself consists of various kinds of ingredients. There is pure kraft, aluminum laminated kraft, HDPP plastic laminated kraft, or HDPP pure plastic.The shape of the package itself appears with a vertical stand or model with the top equipped with a zipper lock.Standing Pouch, Neat, Hygienic, and PracticalStanding Pouch is present to meet the demands of packaging products that require neat criteria and not too large volumesVarious types of products, whether food, medicines or spices can be packaged in this media without worrying about damaging your product.In addition to the practicality offered, Standing Pouch also makes your product more elegant, neat and still hygienic.In its development, this package already has various forms that depend on consumer design.Contact us immediately to get a Standing PouchContact us immediately to get aluminum plastic packaging, paper or the best quality combination for your product.All specifications and size of seat bags can be tailored to customer needs.We guarantee the quality of our services, from production, distribution to the quality of human resources in our company.Your satisfaction is our priority at work. The Standing Pouch product that we market must meet the qualifications for packaging both local, regional and international needs.Save your time and energy if what you are looking for can already be found here.Marketing officeJl. Cileungsi Alternative, Metropolitan Land Transyogi Complex, Green Palma, Tanjung Sector 14.20, Cileungsi - Bogor 16820Do not accept the opportunity to work with us to meet your Standing Pouch needs, your satisfaction is the priority of our service.

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