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Honeycomb Board
Honeycomb Board
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Carton BoxHoney Comb Carton is increasingly sought after by industry players, both packaging, furniture or other manufactures. This product is excellent because of its advantages compared to similar products with non-carton materials.Honey Comb Carton Structure
The honeycomb structure is a natural structure that is a benchmark for this man-made cardboard.The applied structure is believed to have geometric properties like a honeycomb that allows minimization of the amount of material used to achieve minimum weight and minimum material costs.The geometry of the Honey Comb Carton can vary greatly but the common feature of all these structures is the arrangement of hollow cells that form between thin vertical walls.Cells are often column and hexagonal. The honeycomb-shaped structure provides material with minimal density and relatively high compression properties outside the field and the outer shear properties of the field.Honey Comb Cartons are usually made with a two-layer safety thin cardboard sheet that provides strength in tension.Honey Comb Carton application
Honey Comb Carton is widely used in industrial can be found in many industrial fields. From packaging materials in the form of paper honeycomb-based cartons, furniture items to sports such as for skateboards.[caption id = "attachment_536" align = "alignleft" width = "300"] Honey Comb Carton, World Expert Indonesia [/ caption]With various characteristics, Honey Comb Carton is often used for:1. The inner panel of the door2. Protective wall for packaging3. Interior of buses, boats and airplanes4. Office interior5. Sports IIContact us soon!Save your time and energy if what you are looking for is found here.Contact us immediately to get your Honey Comb Cardboard.All sizes of Honey Comb Cartons are available and ready to be discussed with our marketing team.We guarantee the quality of our services, from production, distribution to the quality of human resources in our company.Marketing OfficeJl. Alternative Cileungsi, Metropolitan Land Transyogi Complex, Green Palma, Sector Tanjung 14 No.20, Cileungsi - Bogor 16820Don't miss the opportunity to work with us to meet your Honey Comb Carton needs, because your satisfaction is the focus of our service.

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