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06 Apr 2020
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Specification of pallet plastic

Plastic pallets size 1400mm x 1200mm x 140mm are widely used by the industries of cargo, warehousing, water bottles, food, fertilizer, chemical, and other industries.Plastic pallets the size of 1400mm x 1200mm x 140mm is a plastic packaging product that is used to facilitate the arrangement of goods in warehouses, simplify the process of transporting goods using forklifts or hand pallets.Plastic Pallets Raw MaterialsPlastic pallets are made from the main raw material of plastic High density polyethylene, HDPE and polyethylene, PP is strong and durable, plastic which is the staple for making pallets is very suitable for nature and the environment, there are several advantages to using plastic pallets namely.npi 1412 type plastic palletsAdvantages of Plastic Pallets:More durable than other pallets
More hygienic and safe to use
There are no insects
Environmentally friendly
Maintenance free
Chemical resistant
Does not require Fumigation and ISPM No.15This 1400mm x 1200mm x 140mm pallet with a very durable design can provide consistent performance throughout the economic life cycle and also meet international shipping standards.Another intended feature of the 1400mm x 1200mm x 140mm pallet is the ergonomic grip design, anti-slip grommet.inside this plastic pallet are files for hot stamping, labels, placard labels and printed-in logos.The npi 1412 (1400mm x 1200mm x 140mm) plastic pallet that we offer has a very hygienic design that makes it possible to ease cleaning.Which all of these features make a very good product and choice for companies especially those who want to reduce their cotc and increase their return on investment.CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY TO GET PLASTIC PALET:What are you waiting, contact us immediately. Your satisfaction is our priority at work. We guarantee the quality of the plastic pallet products that we market both for local, regional or international warehousing needs.Marketing OfficeJl. Alternatif Cileungsi, Metropolitan Land Transyogi Complex, Green Palma, Tanjung Sector 14 No.20, Cileungsi - Bogor 16820Fax: + 62-21-29628515
Email: info@dianperdanaindonesia.comwa: 085894066734Don't miss the opportunity to work with us to meet the needs of your Plastic Pallets, your satisfaction is the focus of our service.

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