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06 Apr 2020
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Specification of pallet wood

Wooden palletsfor shipping is an important commodity and is inseparable from industrial activities.wooden pallets become placemat and simple packaging to be transported by forklift machines. Pallets have an important role for the ease of moving goods. Both the production goods, factory equipment, and various heavy objects that want to be transferred.Its flexible size and type makes it easy for each line of business to order wooden pallets according to the size of the forklift machine or packaging size as well as the size of the carrier for the efficient arrangement of the goods to be sent.Our company provides wood pallet with various sizes and types. Everything is tailored to the needs of customers. But in particular we also offer Hard Wood Pallet Size 112 cm x 112 cm x 12 cm Type Two Way.wooden palletsHard Wood Pallet is wood packaging made from several kinds of raw materials, both pure wood which is often known as hard wood, triplex or multplex and MDF material (melamine)This wooden pallet is one of the choices used by exporters, transportation companies, logistics and various other industries as a commodity carrier for export, transit, shipping or warehousing.Likewise, the Hard Wood Pallet Size 112 cm x 112 cm x 12 cm Type Two Way with the type of two way that we offer. This product has export qualifications.Where for export purposes, this Hard Wood Pallet has been given heat treatment and / or fumigation according to ISPM No.15 regulations and AQIS Fumigation.As it is known that, the purpose of this treatment is to prevent the spread of pests or insecticides especially for the trading countries that have implemented these rules.GET OUR WOOD PALET SOONwooden palletsSo no need to doubt the quality of this wood pallet. Some of the benefits of using Bogor Hard Wood Pallets from our company include:
1. Affordable Prices
2. In accordance with ISPM 15 regulations and Fumigation Aqis
3. Quality, time and delivery guaranteed.Contact us immediately if this Hard Wood Pallet is the specification you have been looking for. Or if not, don't worry, the availability of our Wooden Pallet is very many with various sizes and types.We guarantee your satisfaction as a buyer, from the initial information process to the transaction. Because customer satisfaction is our top priority.Don't waste your time with others, immediately contact us at:Marketing OfficeJl. Alternatif Cileungsi, Metropolitan Land Transyogi Complex, Green Palma, Tanjung Sector 14 No.20, Cileungsi - Bogor 16820Email:
Telephone: 021 22950363, 021 22950375
Mobile + wa: 081384422152We guarantee the quality and availability of our Bogor Wood Pallet products at affordable prices.

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