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Paper Bagi For Charcoal Product
Paper Bagi For Charcoal Product
Paper Bagi For Charcoal Product
Paper Bagi For Charcoal Product
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Specification of Paper Bagi For Charcoal Product

Paper BagPaper Sack or Kraft Charcoal Sack Paper Charcoal or Charcoal is made of kraft paper with several types.Paper sacks are also known as paper sacks, paper bags, kraft sacks, kraft bags, kraft paper sacks, sack kraft paper and so on.Sacks of kraft paper for charcoal products or Charcoal Sack Charcoal or Kraft Packaging Charcoal Sack, are paper sacks specifically designed for charcoal or charcoal products.And from several types, generally what is used for the packaging of charcoal products is the lower open block type.Specifications, Size of Sack Charcoal Sacks
This specification of paper sacks for charcoal or charcoal products consists of kraft paper using either brown kraft paper or white kraft paper.With gramature kraft paper that is different, as for brown kraft paper has a paper gramature of 70 and 75 gsm.And for white kraft paper we use gramature 80 gsm.Paper sacks of charcoal product packaging can be given additional lamination in the inner LLDPE or HDPE, PE Coated and Aluminum Foil plastics.If there is a request with the design of paper sacks, we provide services for the design.For color designs ranging from 1 color to several colors and we will adjust it according to our customers' requests.We produce paper bags with a size of 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, up to 40 kg.With sack size that is 42 (49) x 80, 42 (49) x 70, 45 x 75, 46 x 12 x 52, 46 x 12 x 54, 43 x 14 x 54, 49 x 12 x 57How to order, duration of production and payment of Sak Arang bags
If the order is certain, both the size and specifications and the design is good, we will send the price offer via email
If the price quote already in the email price has been agreed upon, if needed a sample then we can send the sample
Duration of production +/- 1 month from order or order
The payment is negotiation
For further information, please contact our contact person.Or you can visit our Marketing Office.Jl. Alternative Cileungsi, Metropolitan Land Transyogi Complex, Green Palma, Sector Tanjung 14 No.20, Cileungsi - Bogor 16820Fax: + 62-21-29628515
Email: info@worldexpertindonesia.com021 2962 8514 - / 15/16/17/18
0898-8331-121 (wa only)
0813-1420-6794 (wa only)
0813-1420-6796 (wa only)
0812-1014-6095 (wa ony)
0812-9381-2164 (wa only)We guarantee the quality and availability of Sack Sak Arang products that we produce at affordable prices.

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