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06 Apr 2020
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Specification of paper sack

The product packaging bags or flour paper sacks that we offer are paper sacks that have quality assurance of the quality of packaging of food ingredients, flour, spices and other organics.Flour paper sacks or kraft paper bags used in packaging raw materials in the form of powdered food or other organic products must meet a variety of absolute requirements.The requirement in question is a guarantee of safe packaging raw materials to package these products without being contaminated, from storage to shipping.
Food Grade Quality Food SackThe kraft paper material that forms the layers of the bag is kraft paper that has food-grade qualifications.Likewise, if the desired flour paper sacks are added with one more layer on the inside, namely LDPE plastic bags or HDPE plastic.The plastic we use for flour paper sacks or other organic materials is food-contact standard.
Types and Specifications of Flour Paper SacksFlour paper sacks can consist of kraft paper only, can be kraft paper with a plastic coating, or aluminum foil.If using plastic, there will be an option to use LDPE or HDPE inner plastic.Flour sack
    DPI Flour Paper SackFor thickness, we provide plastic thicknesses ranging from 30-100 Micron.Or if you don't need plastic, you don't need to hesitate, because the paper that is used as raw material is already suitable for food raw materials.Regarding the design, if you want a flour sack with printing, just provide the design that you specify to us.We are ready to present your sack packaging with the best quality, durability and appearance to support your business progress.Immediately use the best flour paper sacks from us.Save your time and immediately contact our sales marketing to get options and competitive information right for your Flour paper sack needs.Marketing Office:Jl. Alternatif Cileungsi, Metropolitan Land Transyogi Complex, Green Palma, Tanjung Sector 14 No.20, Cileungsi - Bogor 16820Email:
Telephone: 021 22950363, 021 22950375
Mobile + wa: 081384422156, 085894066734Customer satisfaction is our priority and the quality of our flour paper sack products is quality assurance.

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